Kauai Family

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Traditional Hawaiian food is the food that has historically been eaten on the island by the Hawaiian people.   On the other hand, "local" food is a mixture of different types of food brought to Hawaii by Asian and other immigrants that are modified with a Hawaiian twist.  The blending of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portugese, and Filipino cultures all have had an influence on the spices used.  Owner/chef Peter Buza shares his recipe for Kalua Pork.




Our Menu

Breakfast (served all day)
2 eggs, choice of rice, toast, or hashbrowns (add Spam, bacon, link sausage, or Portuguese sausage)
2 eggs over Fried Rice
French Toast
Loco Moco
Hamburger Steak w/eggs, rice, and gravy
Kalua Pork w/eggs and rice
Blahla Special (Saimin; 2 eggs; 2 pieces each Spam, Portuguese Sausage and Vienna Sausage and rice)
Side Orders
Link Sausage
Portuguese Sausage
Hawaiian Salt & Onions
One Egg
Hamburger Patty
Toast (2 slices)
Steamed Rice (1 scoop)
Fried Rice (1 scoop_
French Fries
Gravy (small bowl)
Extra Tartar Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce

Fried Calamari
Peter's Special Smoked Pork
Lawai Crispy Ginger Chicken
Crispy Won Ton
Pipi Kaula (dried beef)
Spam Musubi
Portuguese Sausage Musubi
Macaroni Salad
Lomi Salmon
Poi (when available)
Cucumber Kim Chee
Side Tossed Green Salad
Ahi Poke (when available)

Soups and Stews
Beef Stew
Tripe Stew
Curry Beef Stew
Curry Tripe Stew
Chicken Papaya
Chicken Long Rice
Oxtail Stew/Soup

Hawaiian Style Plate Lunches and Dinners (served with rice - steamed or fried, and choice of macaroni or tossed salad
Hawaiian - traditional
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, Pork or Beef*
Lau Lau
Kalua Pork (with or without cabbage)
Lau Lau
Kalua Pig
Lau Lau/Kalua Pig Combo w/lomi salmon
Pork Adobo
Peter's Special Smoked Pork
Pork Cutlet
Hamburger Steak w/brown gravy
Hawaiian Style Chopped Steak w/onions
Beef Cutlet w/brown gravy
Beef Katsu**
Lawai Crispy Ginger Chicken
Chicken Adobo
Pineapple Chicken (sweet & sour)
Chicken Cutlet w/brown gravy
Chicken Katsu**
       * Hawaiian BBQ - marinated in a sweet soy & ginger sauce
   ** Katsu - vegetable & fruit sauce mixed with ketchup
Fish & Chips
Shrimp, Fish & Chips
Char-broiled Shrimp skewer w/fried rice & salad
Seafood Special (fish, shrimp, & oysters)
Fish (1 pc)
Breaded Oysters (3 pcs)
Breaded Shrimp (3 pcs)

Burgers (fries included)
Hamburger w/ lettuce
Hamburger deluxe (lettuce, tomato, onion)
Cheeseburger w/ lettuce
Cheeseburger deluxe (lettuce, tomato, onion)
Bacon Cheeseburger
Double Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon Cheeseburger deluxe
Fish Burger
Hawaiian BBQ Burgers - Pork, Chicken or Beef
Kalua Burger w/bacon
Fried Saimin
Won Ton Min

Grilled Cheese

Coffee, Tea (green or black)
Fountain Soda
Canned Soda
Hot Chocolate
Hawaiian Sun Juices

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Almond Cookies
Butter Mochi
Malasadas (available Saturdays only)